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List of Apps built by Tech Tuesday Students/Alumni
  1. iVote
    Solution to 2019 HSCC Programming Problem

    In recent years, adversaries with unlimited money and means are waging a non-stop global cyber war against every machine connected to the internet. Critical election infrastructure and related government systems are at risk. As a result, some major parties have become aware of how important securing their free and fair elections have become. At the same time, there is no dominant player in the secure election systems market. This presents your modest band of coders with a unique opportunity!

    iVote has been contracted to build a secure electronic election system to their specifications. The system will allow an entity to host elections at scale without requiring voters to appear at a physical voting location. In order to ensure fairness, you have decided to implement a web-based form of instant-runoff voting (IRV) to determine the election winner.

    Full Database Schema and additional logic is provided to students in class

  2. OfferTrak
    Solution to 2015 HSCC Programming Problem
    Tracking information concerning candidates and the components of the recruiting process is valuable to recruiters during the hiring process.
    Develop a system to calculate salary and other information that is required during the hiring process.
    This App will allow recruiters to keep track of that information.
    This App should be responsive in order to display and work well on all devices - laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  3. Restaurant Menu
    Simple, one function App to demonstrate php functions, data access utilities, bootstrap
    The App should be mobile-first (i.e. mobile friendly) and display correctly regardless of browser or device used.
    It should feel almost like a native iOS or Android App
  4. Job Application website
    Simple App to demonstrate automation of a paper-based job application for a small company
  5. Forms
    Simple App to demonstrate web forms and how to process submitted data
  6. Address Book
    Demo for a simple Personal Information Management App (web-version of old fashioned address book)
  7. BDPA Network
    Networking App that connects BDPA members, which provides basic contact and chapter info
  8. Reviews
    Simple demonstration of web app that allows customers to leave reviews for a business.
    This demo is based on this Home Work Assignment